Serves two people

Main Ingredients: 1/2 head maravilla lettuce, broccoli sprouts, 2 tomatoes, 1/3 of purple onion, 1 carrot.

Sauce: 1 avocado, 1c orange juice, 1.5ts of turmeric, 1 piece of garlic, 1/2ts of cayenne, 2Ts olive oil, 1/4ts of sea salt, 1/2ts of Himalayan salt,

Preparation: Clean, cut, and mix the greens, tomatoes, carrot, and onion.Put all the ingredients of the sauce in a blender and blend. Enjoy all together.


*This medicinal raw recipe is of on the top of the salads. All its spices will provide you with the heat you need in a superfood lifestyle. All the colors in the spices makes a blend good for all your organs, plus the green for centering the energies. Ultimately the citrus makes the avocado digest better and makes the sauce just the perfect sweetness.

*Immune System *Heat *Happiness



by Enric Enrawe


hi everyone !


There are good news… the raw living lifestyle can be for everyone, and at the same time only for those who really are ready to act on their highest excitement in order to make lifestyle changes.

To change a lifestyle into a living direction, you need to be aware of what you aim to become in order to make the steps towards the goal.

We are going to give you the top tip on becoming a successful healthy raw vegan

* Drink plenty of pure structured living water

pure water

We are about 70% water or more, so we are going to get the best economy and the most benefits by choosing a high quality water. If we invest here we will get into the law of exchange and we will save on the future decisions. Water is the base of life in this planet, so by giving water to your body you will be able to absorb better the nutrients, and as well as detox the toxins that you don’t need.

The best water to start the journey is Osmosis Water. When we use osmosis it is very important to structure the water by giving it back the minerals and the energy it deserves. We do that by putting crystal energy like Himalayan or Celtic Salt, a pinch of local clays and some magnesium salts. After that we will put the water in the stars overnight, and after sunrise we will give blessings to the water. By then it is one of the best waters we can get.

The absolute best water would be Spring Water. I let you choose this optiion whenever possible. Know that if you find a spring that is pure and non toxic, this water will give you the energy of the environment and it will be a gift from mother earth.

The option that i recommend to advanced “students” would be the same process we do with osmosis, but adding the step of distilling. Living Activated Distilled water with salts and energy is the purest water we can get in this planet, because of the contaminants in water nowadays. So, if you want to get into Jedi levels of health, you will need to either invest in a water distiller. Also it is cheaper than getting bottled water if you do the numbers.

An on the go option would be Glass Bottled Water. This is a good option, although it may be minimally treated, we do not want it to have fluoride, so we would check with the company that. Also we would like to keep the bottles or send them back to the seller so we get a return. Also at the end we always can recycle the glass, so it is eco friendly.

What not to do is also impirtant. Minimize drinking tap water, only in emergency situations. Also minimize plastic bottled water, it contains estrogenic compounds that mess up your hormones. Over time if you have drank lots of tap or plastic water, you would like to go on several detoxifiers and strengheners. For example maca smoothies will give you lots of hormonal health. Also MSM and Vitamin C would remove the estrogenic compounds. Especifically also, Iodine supplements will remove all the fluoride stored in glands. Also you want to sweat by doing sports and afterwards using saunas.

Finally we will use this water as a base for our smoothies, tonics, salt waters, crystal waters, and nut milks. Our body need an average of 2L a day of liquids. Organize your day to drink before you eat. After you acquire a more liquiditarian lifestyle you will see that we can trhive on just liquids and 2 meals a day.

We will talk about a liquiditarian lifestyle in another article or video.

I wish you the best,


the Mediterrawnean spiritual nutrition

Feel the light !